Gone Girl - Deeds of modification
Studio installation
The event titled Gone Girl features nomadic sculptures as well as moving images and sound.
The paintings have left the stretchers and they seek out the uncontrollable and invisible world.
Emotions hide behind moving images and dilute into the surroundings.
The name Gone Girl refers to a painting by Louise Bourgeois.

Venetsia building | Pellavahuone
4. - 31.7. 2024
Tue - Sat 12 - 19 Sun 12 - 17 excluded the events organised in the space.
For such changes in schedule contact via Instagram @annabroms_nomadicart
Lapinlahdenpolku 8, Lapinlahti, Helsinki

To whom you always waved.
- Yes
It was that system of yours.
- It was.They…
It was that mrs Luukkainen who brought us lace tea napkins when they were on a holiday in south and Jaana was with us for a week.
- Yes. I do remember.Those napkins are quite pretty.
They´re over there in the cupboard, the glass display cabinet.
(end of transcript)

The cosmos, the instability, and constant change, rub me to work. They tickle and irritate me, and I channel them and seek "to touch the infinity through physical action"*. (Broms, flux 2021)

Where am I
Seili                 60°10'48.6"N 25°04'07.2"E
Vartiosaari     60°10'48.6"N 25°04'07.2"E
Suomenlinna  60°08'50.3"N 24°59'20.1"E
Lapinlahti       60°10'07.8"N 24°54'44.0"E

The one who was sent away, left a mark.
The one who left a mark went away.
You may touch this.

Anna Broms is a Helsinki based visual artist working in the field of expanded painting and nomadic sculpture.
Her process-oriented practice has a delicate ecological approach to material; sustainable cotton cambric, reusable metal, and time as her stuff, she creates situations, experimental painting installations with an interest in fragility and porousness, in particular. Rather than solid objects, her works can be seen as subjects, evolving. Instead of replicating or describing nature, she collaborates with it.
The name Gone Girl refers to a painting by Louise Bourgeois.

GONE GIRL - deeds of modification, 2024
Filming & sound collecting and editing: Anna Broms
Audio & video editing, AV-installing : Jesper TossT
ranslation & transcription: Ilkka Kilpeläinen
Realisation of the spring machine: Vesa Rahikainen*(Ufan 2008, 22)

Thank You:
Koneen Säätiö - Kone Foundation
Lapinlahden Lähde
Pro Lapinlahti mielenterveysseura ry
Parsa Kamehkhosh
Jesper Toss
Ilkka Kilpeläinen
Jack Faber
Vesa Rahikainen

Gone Girl 2024

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